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Well hello there :B I'm Amanda. I'm 19 and this is basically my mind. I'm your average internet troll, just, in female form...yeah. Love my video games and art and other ish like that. Peacepeace!

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Aug 3
I do this exact same thing literally everyday.

I do this exact same thing literally everyday.

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Jul 27


In my room I have a tape measure. Every night before I go to bed and when I wake up in the morning, I take off all my clothes I use it on myself. 33-24-35. This is what I see. This is what I’ve only been able to see in myself when I look into the mirror. I don’t see a good smile or pretty eyes or long legs; all I see are these numbers, and these numbers aren’t what beauty is. Sure we all think you need to be a certain size to be considered beautiful, but is beauty really all looks? I thought it was until I looked up what it really meant; in all the definitions none of them talked about just outer beauty, but about the personality of a person. “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”. I never understood this until now, because everyone is born to be none other then themselves. And those people have personalities that work well with other people. So, everyone no matter their waist size or length of their legs, is in fact beautiful. Here I was wishing I was beautiful to people, when I needed to start being beautiful to myself. I needed to learn that just because my chest size isn’t huge, It doesn’t mean I’m not a fun person to be around. Just because I wasn’t born with curves, doesn’t mean I don’t make people smile and laugh. Just because I don’t see myself as having a desirable body, doesn’t mean people don’t think I look good either. Because if I’m not happy with my body now, I’ll be in major trouble later in life, and I would have wasted my time and stress over not thinking I look ‘perfect’. Because looking into the mirror last night, staring at myself, I thought “Amanda, you make people smile and laugh and feel they can be themselves around you. You are beautiful. You aren’t fat. You look pretty. You don’t need to look like those fake people in magazines, just be yourself. You have a good body, but a better personality.” I was looking up some quotes and one stood out to me, “Be yourself, because everyone else is taken.” This makes me now want to be the best person I can be, and not wishing I was some model on a poster, just Amanda. So, after years of feeling not good enough, it only takes one moment to realize what you were looking for, you already had. I realize how much pain it causes people everyday to not feel good about themselves and to hate the way they look, because I was there. Now I can see that no matter what you look like, a plank or a Marilyn, Everyone is beautiful.

Jul 10
“I just feel helpless. I feel bad that. I can’t make people happy or give them what they want. I want to be beautiful, but isn’t that hard? If you say you are, then people think you are being self centered because you really aren’t. That’s the hardest part I guess. Everytime I want to tell myself I am this voice just says ” Shut up. You’re wrong.” It is just so confusing and frustrating and it makes me wanna break stuff or just bury my face into my knees and scream. I feel bad I hurt the people that tell me I am because I cant believe them. It feels wrong to believe them. I hate this feeling of not being good enough… It just drains me.” Me

Jul 6
“I’m going to stop wasting my time worrying about my imperfections, but thinking about what I have that makes me a beautiful person. I won’t get anywhere staring into the mirror and wishing I wasn’t what I was looking at, but learning to love it and myself. Hating myself won’t make me a size smaller or give me perfect skin, and it never will. I’m going to start listening to the voice in my head a locked away years ago and listen to myself. I am a butterfly.”